A little about me

I'm a quirky, 40-something mother who also provides a home to a dog, a cat and a bunch of fisher price toys. I'm trying to juggle a full-time career,  a personal life and connections to what makes me the happiest. This blog is an effort to help me organize my thoughts, share what inspires me and hopefully share my efforts.  

Long ago, ITTBC (in the time before child) I used to paint a lot, cut paper a lot, doodle, and made people out of bottles.  I spent a lot of my free time with a bandanna strapped to my head while wearing a t-shirt filled with layers of paint and a big cup of coffee welded to my side.  I loved my creative life, but I also wanted a kid.  I thought juggling both would be easy.  Wow - was I side-swiped by a truck of wrong on that one.  Don't get me wrong - I'm crazy in love with my kid and I love being a mom, but in the process of becoming a mom (and moving twice within the first 2 years of her existence), I sorta lost touch with me.

I started this blog in 2010 as a way to re-connect and challenge myself to get back to my creative roots.  I accomplished what I initially set off to do, but here we are in 2013, and my pursuits have changed.  I still have a room in the house dedicated to all things arts and crafts, but these days I spend a lot of time outdoors - in the garden or on the track.  I am also spending a lot of time in my kitchen - often with my kid.  I am also in pursuit of being inspired and hopefully inspiring not only my daughter, but folks around me.  So that's why the blog lives on.

I want to create - be it a new personal record while running, a new twist on a chocolate chip cookie or a painting, either on my own or with my kid.  I want to smile and embrace all of the good that life has to offer, despite the occasional curve balls.  I want to show my daughter what it means to do something for yourself, even if no one else in this big ol' world gets it but you.
I'm reclaiming my happy (the original name of this blog) and chronicling the ride.  Thanks for stopping by.
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