Sunday, December 12, 2010

a little update

I sorta fell off the blogging universe a week or three ago. my last post goes into more detail about the health issues i've been having. on top of that, my mean, but precious little kitty, Oscar was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago, so we've been adjusting to life with insulin and watching for signs of improvement, which thankfully, we've seen. on top of that, the kid also has 2 ear infections, so yeah - this is a sick house. but... my meds have been changed, and i've started to feel a difference with that - more energy, more myself. this is good.

and i've still managed to squeak out some creative time.

i've had some ornaments to attend to for my ornament swap. i tried one idea. it failed miserably. i then had a stroke of inspiration and sat down to create 3 ornaments. they turned out great, until i tried to add one final touch to each of them. not a great idea. i had to start all over, but that's ok, because i'm really happy with how they turned out and i learned to avoid that last technique. :)

i also completed an ATC challenge, and waiting for my swap cards to come back. it's so fun getting art in the mail!

our house has also been transformed for christmas, and we have one very excited little 3-year-old around here. it should be a fun christmas morning!

pictures and more regular postings to come.


  1. sorry about the illness.

    i think our eldest cat (12 years old) might have diabetes. not sure. she has become depressed (not leaving a room) after her paw was injured--the pad ripped off. after it healed, she still didn't leave the room. her pee is REALLY huge and when there wasn't enough litter, it was sticky. i don't want to do injections though... :/ what signs did you have for your kitty?

  2. Stacey - he's been losing weight for over a year now, but I wasn't incredibly worried about that because a) we had a lot of change in the house, and I thought it might be from stress and b) he was still eating like a pig.

    What finally got me to take him was the fact that he was peeing EVERYWHERE - it didn't smell, but I would find spots all over the paint room, he was peeing in the kitchen sink, in the tub and in a few places downstairs (very glamorous, i know). He was also losing more weight. Oscar had also stopped going downstairs and pretty much laid in cold places (tile, etc). We now have him on 2 units of insulin a day, and I'm definitely seeing signs of the old Oscar. He's getting more fiesty (not great when it comes to shots), and he's stopped peeing in inappropriate places. The injections aren't a huge deal - Oscar has learned quickly that there is a treat after a shot, and he'll come running when he hears the treat bag. Good luck with your girl!


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