Wednesday, June 1, 2011

celebrating 40 (things about me)

My birthday is today - June 1.  I love my birthday and I love making a big deal about it.  But what a lot of my friends and family probably don't know is that I also get quite introspective around my birthday.  I think a lot about what I've done over the past year, what goals I've met and not quite met and where I want to go.  This year is the big 4-0 and I find that the decade years are always a good time to reset.  I've been looking to 40 for quite some time.  The older I get, the more comfortable I get in my own skin, and I can't help but think that with that forward motion the decade of 40 is going to rock.

In addition to all of the reminiscing, thinking and daydreaming I've been doing around the big day, I decided to celebrate myself in doodle + word.  This was a lot of fun and it was something I did over a couple of days whenever I had a few minutes.  Totally recommend this for everyone big and small!  Here's the list I came up with:

1.  I am a mom and an aunt mom
2.  I try to see the good in people
3.  I am a gurl
4.  I love flowers
5.  I am creative
6.  I am funny
7.  I am a dreamer
8.  I am silly
9. I am honest
10. I am a good sister
11.  I have more good days than bad
12. I am getting better with boundaries
13. I cry at (some) tv commercials
14.  I celebrate
15.  I imagine
16.  I make mistakes
17. I don't know everything
19.  I make goals (and sometimes reach them)
20.  I am a good person
21. I love to sing
22.  I am inspired
23. I am not perfect
24. I love swirls
25. I still love my tattoo
26.  I can be shy
27.  I have great friends
28. I am learning to trust my gut everyday
29. My own skin gets comfier with age
30.  I like swirls and polka dots (also see 16 and 24, since I have two references to swirls)
32. I love blowing bubbles
33. I believe in ghosts.
34.  I am goofy
35. I would totally climb up the beanstalk
36. I get scared.
37.  I don't hang out with negative voices.
38.  I get starstruck
39.  I love a good challenge
Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I just turned 40 in September too. Let's make this decade rock!! Great list.

  2. A slightly belated happy birthday.

    You should believe in ghosts. They very well may exist.


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