Tuesday, May 18, 2010

weekend art adventures

This past weekend was a good one, as far as creativity goes.

I finally got everything up on the paint room walls. It looks good. I need to post pictures. The only thing I have to figure out is my shelf. I have a shelf that mounts to the wall, and I hung it only to have it come crashing down about 30 minutes after I loaded it up with all of "the stuff." None of the glass jars or other items broke or got damaged, thank goodness, but it did make a HUGE noise that scared the poop out of both Emily and I. The wall anchors were even pulled out, so I've gotta find stronger anchors. Other than that, I really like the new space and I am spending a LOT more time in there than I did when the room was downstairs, so that's a good thing.

The other thing I did was finished up some ATC's. These cards are really a lot of fun to work on. I joined a second swap that was all about flower people. Here's what I wound up with:

I really have to figure out how to take better pictures.

The one side effect of all this activity is that I want more of it and I want less of work. I'm really struggling with work right now as there's nothing currently happening that's really challenging me or teaching me something new. I'm a person that needs a challenge, and needs to feel that my work is producing something good in order to stay engaged. I'm not so engaged right now. And I hate it. I'm getting the work done, but I definitely don't see myself putting in 125% right now. Most days I hover between 90-100% and while I guess that's ok, I wish I felt more "into it." I've been playing around with the idea of opening an etsy shop, but I think I need to get through the first few weeks of June as it's a heavy birthday time before I start focusing on a new venture.

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