Saturday, September 4, 2010

fleeting moments

today you were amazingly cute as you ran through the clothes racks at kohl's. it's not something you would ordinarily get to do, but because it was 8am and no one was there, we indulged the little running girl that you are. you laughed and giggled, and would come out and yell, "mommy!" because you weren't sure where we were.

i loved watching you play underneath the holly trees this afternoon. i also loved sharing frozen yogurt and watching your mouth turn blue with blue m&m's.

i loved how you wrapped 4 grown women around your little fingers and had us all launching into space in our pretent rocketship. you had your purple helmet on and honked at the birds that were in the way. i also loved your little fingers pressing the imaginary button to make the rocket go.

but most of all, i loved how as you settled down for sleep, you reached out for my hand and smiled the sweetest smile as you closed your eyes to fall asleep.

love you so very, very much.

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