Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fairies have been buzzing around my head lately. I keep running into them. Over the past 2 months, I've had conversations or interactions with my radiant and lovely friend Shannon where fairies have come up. First, we had a very random conversation about Fairy (Faery) faith. Second, we went to a book fair and found this wonderful booth filled with fairy books. I have them on my Christmas list for Em. Then, we attended a brunch this weekend where Shannon asked Emily if there was a fairy in her pocket. Emily mentioned that exchange afterwards and fairies even made it to the bathtub where we saw them as we looked up to the sky while I rinsed her hair. Then a wonderful karmic moment occurred when I received my daily Craft Gossip newsletter only to find instructions on how to make your very own fairies! Thanks to Pink and Green Mama for sharing this really cute idea!

So yesterday I took a quick trip over to Hobby Lobby for some wooden beads and silk flowers and last night Emily and I made three fairies!

Homa was our first fairy. She had a different name at first, but when I forgot what it was and I asked Emily again, she forgot too so she just chose another name. Homa has all of the things that Emily loves the best. Purple! Purple arms, purple legs, purple hair and purple eyes. I think this is what Emily would look like if she had the choice.

The next fairy that came to us was Corn. Emily and I struggled a bit putting Corn together. It was more of an internal struggle for me because ultimately I let Emily decide, but Corn with her mismatched parts turned out to be my favorite fairy. When Emily gave her the name Corn, I thought it was lovely and great and something that was so very Emily, so Corn it is. Last night while we were sleeping, Corn found her way to the top of the mirror in our living room, and Emily squealed with delight when she got up this morning to find Corn had flown.

Last but not least is Susie. Susie started out being Mommy's fairy, but by the end of creating her, she was clearly Emily's and that's ok. Susie got her name right away which was cool because Emily debated over the other names. Susie also caused a little mischief in the night and she was hiding on top of the door knob. I wouldn't be at all surprised if our three fairies took to flying today while we are gone. That's what fairies do. They fly when no one is looking and they help to make our days a little shinier and happier! Love our fairies!

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