Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I like Tuesday

It seems that there are a lot of themes in the blogosphere - Music Mondays, Ten on Tuesdays, Inspiration (day of the week). I'm going add my own weekly theme - Things I like Tuesday. It's a bit long I know, but it works for me.

I've been thinking about cards this morning. I've always loved cards. I've always made cards. Earlier this year, my mom gave me this huge box of stuff from my early years. Inside I found several construction paper cards that I had made for her or my dad. I've always tended to stay on the funny side of cards, and a few of these still cracked me up - I need to upload. Anyway, as an ode to my love of cards, here are a few things across the interwebs that have caught my eye recently:

I love her whimsical drawings, and even though there are a few winter images that caught my eye, I really love the witch and the pumpkin cards she has on sale. Here's the witch:

Etsy Shop: MishMish Market
I LOVE the colors of these cards, and there are so many to choose from, I really don't know that I can pick a favorite! I love this:

Mish Mish's Suburban Monster cards are fantastically cute as well:

And finally, this Etsy shop belongs to an ex-coworker of mine. Not only does she make super cute cards, she also has a great blog dedicated to design, fashion and all sorts of great finds and inspirations.

Etsy Shop: Natty Michelle
She has a great assortment pack of hand painted cards, but my favorite of the set is the darling peacock.

Now I want to go home and spend the day making cards!

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