Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Projects

I took Friday off, so it's been a wonderful 3-day weekend filled with lots of creative fun.

Friday, I finally had the chance to work on the ideas for my etsy shop.  Here's a sneak peek:

Here's a look at the inside of the ice cream cone card:
 So far, I've come up with 4 different themes.  Each card group will be sold in small groups, so here are the different groups stacked together.  Can't wait to share more of this work soon!

Friday afternoon rolled around and Felicia came home from school.  She decided to paint, which I was excited about because she doesn't do it too often.  She found some butcher paper and plopped down in the paint room while I was working on my cards.  Here's what she made:
I think it's super cute.  When Emily came home, they painted another piece of cardboard that says "cousins" since they are very proud of their cousin status.  Nothing is cuter than hearing Emily talking about or asking for "my cousin."

With today being Halloween (my favorite holiday of the year), Em and I decided to amp up the spook of our front door a bit yesterday with some spiders (have I mentioned that I hate spiders?).  Here's a look at our work:
Spiders with googly eyes are probably the only kind of spiders we'll ever have around our house.  This was the first project where Emily cut paper into "something."  We used my paper trimmer to cut the thin pieces for legs, and then she used her scissors to cut them up into leg pieces.  She was very proud of herself and I was proud of her. 

Door + spiders + wreath + jack-o' lanterns: 
Felicia's is the top right one.  Heather's is underneath.  We all think it looks like Squidward from Spongebob.  Mine is on the left.

And here's our little witch that wanted to scare her mama as she arrived from work. 

We got these spiders and her witch gear on right before Mama got home and she hid behind the azeleas until her mama got out of the car.  Talk about a scary greeting!

Final pic comes from Em's breakfast this morning:

Peanut butter and jelly toast with spooky sprinkles.  Full day of fun ahead.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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