Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things I like Tuesday

1.  Erin Cobb's blog
There are a few photographers that I follow, and Erin Cobb lives in my neighboring state of Alabama.  She runs two blogs - her professional blog, and a second, more personal one that has some work related content, but it's mostly a place where she talks about her life/kids/etc.  I follow the second.  Her pictures are phenomenal, but I found her post from last Friday to be wonderful.  If your house tends to stay a bit on the messier side, you'll probably enjoy this too:

2.  Tiny Red Design
This blog by illustrator Thereza Rowe.  It's my virtual happy place.  Here's some of her latest work:

3. Roadside Projects
Jayme McGowan is another artist I adore.  Her blog is roadsideprojects.  I mean, just look at this:

Her work is so great, it just makes my teeth hurt.  Whenever I stop by her blog, I really want to quit my job, invest in 20 pairs of great scissors and go home and cut, cut, cut things.

Speaking of cutting things - I will have bits of my own work to share soon - exciting!!

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