Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perfection is Exhausting

A few weeks ago, I started seeing all sorts of posts about perfectionism and the idea of protesting perfect.  I really thought it was a cool idea and wanted to participate but was sort of stuck as to what it meant or didn't mean to me.

Ironically, I've been stuck with a few other things too.  Months ago, I posted about moving into my new paint room area and I talked about how I wanted to share pictures of the space.  Well, I've been waiting for it to be be perfect.  Here's the thing - it's NEVER clean, because I'm always in the middle of something.  Emily is always in the middle of something.  Creating is messy and fun and liberating, but I've felt stifled and under pressure and like a failure for not posting those pictures!  I've also felt those same things about the room in general.  I've wanted it to be more organized.  I've waited for the perfect moment to try X, Y or Z (and as a result, not done any of them).  The list goes on.  It's been pretty exhausting to worry about all of these things.  I'm done with exhaustion.  I'm done with perfection.

 Perfectionism sucks.  Perfectionism kills. 

This sign now hangs on my wall right next to my table to remind me to let go.  Em joined me in the last take of my mini photo session, and this photo will serve as an awesome reminder that I don't want her to be any where near perfect, because the truth is - she already is. 

P.S.  Thank you, Bren√© Brown for the the inspirational protest!


  1. Hi Missy! I'm enjoying your blog. Especially the Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Talk about creativity, holy cow! I'm impressed.


  2. Thanks for your kind words! :-)


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