Friday, April 23, 2010

the big move

I'm very excited. The weekend is here and while I'm typically excited about weekends (I mean, who isn't?!) I am extra excited about this weekend. This weekend, my paint room is moving to a new room and it will be a room that I can call "mine" (and Emily's) again.

We live in a two-story house - technically it's a ranch with a finished basement. My paint room has been down stairs for the 6 years we've lived in the house. We have 3 bedrooms upstairs - one for us, one for Em and one that has been a myriad of things, but right now it's my niece's room. Well, this weekend she is moving downstairs into my paint room. This decision was made for a few reasons. First, her dad (my brother) also lives with us, and he's in another room downstairs. He spends most of his free time down there, and my niece hangs out with him. Second, the downstairs bathroom is only accessible through the paint room. My niece has claimed that bathroom (even though her dad uses it too) and on a regular basis, her stuff just sort of bleeds out into the paint room as only things belonging to a 15-year-old girl can do. Third, even though it's my house - I feel like I am invading their space when I go to the paint room so I haven't spent as much time down there since January and I miss it. Fourth, and this is the most selfish reason - I want that room to feel like it's mine and for all of the reasons above, I don't. So Flea (my niece and one of her many nicknames) and I are swapping rooms.

I have to start packing tonight, which will likely be an all night chore because I'm very good at procrastination and haven't packed a thing, but I'm excited. I've been picturing the new room in my head for a few weeks now. I can see where my stuff will live, where Emily's little red desk will live and I can't wait to see what new ideas will sprout from the new room. Hoping to take pictures to document the process.

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