Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The blog name says it all

So I'm a mom of an almost 3-year old. Man, I really had no idea how hard it would be to juggle all of the joys of of motherhood with my relationship, my friends, my family, my work and oh yeah - my paint room.

Oh my paint room.

Some people might call it an art studio, creative space or just studio but for whatever reason none of those descriptions work for me. For as long as I've been fortunate enough to have one, it's always been known as "the paint room." It's funny though considering how many other things get done in that room besides painting -- sewing, playing with clay, scrapbooking, drawing, making cards, making birthday decorations and Christmas ornaments - have all taken place in this space.

To not make a long story even longer, my paint room hasn't seen much of me in the past year. Really, I haven't seen much of it or any type of crafting in the past 2.5 years. Let's just say life has been busy. This is not to say that my life has been craft/art free. Nope, not entirely. Sometimes it takes place in the front yard or at the kitchen table with my daughter or on scraps of paper while I am at work, but it has not taken meaningful shape in the way that it used to in quite a long time. This is what I need to change. I live vicariously through so many blogs and artists and people that I see on line or works that I see in person and I've decided that it's time to put skin back in the game. I'm still a little fuzzy on the details, but I'm hoping this blog will keep me accountable and give me a place to talk about the process, my work and the inspirations I find along the way.

Go me. :)

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