Saturday, November 20, 2010

The weekend to-do list

Lot's going on round here this weekend.

First up - chores.  I hate them, but they must be done.  I'm going to bust through them quickly so I can move on to the following:

1.  Ornaments for Louise Gale's Color Ornament Swap challenge.  My ornaments include a bit of wood, a bit of paint, a bit of string and perhaps a wee bit of glitter.  I received my three recipient names, and I hope they will like what I'm putting together.

2.  December Daily Album - simple and easy...that's the goal.   Going to get at least 1-15 done this weekend.  As much as I would love play with some of the ideas Ali did with her book this year, I just don't have the time.  I'm being realistic about that so I don't start something that I can't finish and I will enjoy what I can do.

3.  Playing the memory game with Em.  She calls it the fish game, and I have no idea why but I promised her that today we would play, and today we will.

4.  Going to ICE-Atlanta.  We went last year and it was a great show!  Looking forward to this year - just Em and I going I think, but she should have fun (last year she slept in her stroller).  It will give me a chance to do a bit of Christmas shopping without other eyes around.

Because no blog post is complete without a picture, I'll leave you with a clue of what Emily is busying herself with this morning:
This was taken a few weeks ago, but this morning I've seen a witch, a 'mommy', princess heels and random purses and necklaces.  Maybe Santa will bring her some more dress up clothes.

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