Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Halloween Scrapbook done

Good news!  A few weeks ago, I finally finished up our Halloween scrapbook.

Bad was from 2009.  Oh well, at least it's done.  Em LOVES looking through it.  It even inspired her to start her own scrapbook.  She still seems surprised when I'm able to go to a random drawer, box or shelf and pull together whatever materials I need to suit her creative whim.  She asked for a scrapbook, and I produced a mini book.  She chose some paper, we cut it together and completed 2 pages.  She's been asking every day to do more, but with our schedule, it will likely have to wait for the weekend.

Back to are a few shots of how it turned out.  I'll likely re-shoot some of these with the pages out of the sleeves, but I was too lazy to deal with all of that.

The Cover
The book is 8" x 8" and I used a bit of ribbon across the front and the Halloween canvas sticker.  I can't remember the manufacturer.

One of the first inside pages - Heather and I.  I actually did this page last October and it was one of the first pages I completed after my multi-year hiatus.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  The paper throughout the book is either Basic Grey (2 different packs) or Recollections.  The majority of the embellishments also come from the same lines.
Yeah - I know.  I need to take them out of the sleeve.  I will next time.  Promise.  We had a Halloween party, and this is the opening double spread that talks about the activities.  We had, I think, 7 kids all under the age of 5.  We decorated cupcakes, made Halloween crafts and went trick or treating throughout the house.  Everyone had a really good time.
Love that this came out pretty well, despite the page protector.  This is Miss Addy, the cow-girl.  
This is the last page of the book.  The picture is only blurry because of the page protector, but I just love the way this one turned out.  I had so much fun working on this project.  When I finished it, I immediately started two other books, which I should have done soon.  Yay!


  1. You TOTALLY should do this as a job. I will hire you. I cannot do this... big non-creative loser that I am. Amazing scrapbook, Missy.

  2. Megan - hire away. I have a harder time with my own projects than with others. I've actually done template pages for friends for various things where I've essentially created the page, left a space for journaling or pictures and handed it over to said friend for completion. Those are way fun to do. Seriously - if you want help, let me know - I'm all about a craft/scrapbook night!


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