Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A pretty perfect Saturday

Heather started a job about 5 months ago that requires her to work on the weekends.  With that change, came a change in how I use my time on the weekends.  I try to get some chores in, but I don't stress about it as much a I used to since I have a 3-year-old that needs my attention.  I often have a 16-year-old with the same needs, so I do what I can to oblige them.

This past Saturday started out with a shopping trip.
We got up, and got dressed and the little person had to be like the big person and wear her sunglasses.

We headed to Michael's for some new paints and a half buggy full of impulse buys later, we left the store and decided that we needed to buy some shoes.  So we headed to Kohl's.  Two pairs of shoes and more impulse buys (hey - we needed it AND it was on sale) later we left the store and realized that all of that shopping impulse buying made us hungry.  So we headed to Panera and had some lunch.  After lunch, we decided to go home and get down to business.

It was a GORGEOUS day - no clouds, about 70 degrees, so we changed into 'paint clothes' and pulled out the quilt and all of our supplies to the front yard.

It wasn't long before our shoes and socks came off.  Then we got to work.  I had a lot of flower pots left over from the baby shower I hosted a few weeks ago, and I decided that they will be great for our backyard make-over.  So we each grabbed three.
Emily finished hers in about 30 minutes.  Felicia and I took a bit longer.  Emily also painted some wooden glasses that we picked up in the dollar bin at Michael's.  Have you seen the dollar bins at Michael's lately?  They have great stuff - check 'em out!

After a minor incident involving acryllic paint, a great-grandma made quilt and some scotch guard, shout and carpet cleaner (which got out all of the paint - thank goodness), we gave Emily something else to do.  She wanted to make a necklace for her Maw-maw who we'll see next weekend.  Thankfully for Emily, beads and necklace string were among our impulse buys.  We gave her a pile of beads, knotted a string, and she sat quietly and intently until she made this:
That's a LOT of beads for a 3-year-old!  I was very impressed with her work.  She started a second necklace for Grandpa, but she didn't get as far, but she informed me this morning that Grandpa doesn't like as many beads so it will be ok.

After flower pots and necklace making, the children decided to make mischief.
They painted their feet.  I decided to up the anty.  So I got some craft paper, some cake pans a little bit of water and some more paint and we did this:
There's still yellow paint on our walkway.  I really hope it comes off.

After running back and forth on the craft paper with painted feet, the girls decided that there was still one more use to be had out of the paper.  We had an impromtu paper fashion show.  Tim Gunn, eat your heart out.

After our afternoon of fun, we went inside to knock out some chores (I do feign responsibility every now and then) and then we had homemade pizza for dinner with some friends that came over followed by a few games of Mexican Train Dominos.  It was a great day and had so much fun hanging out with the girls.  Can't wait for our next sunny Saturday!


  1. Love the painted pots! Duran Duran is coming to town on April 6th...wanna go together?

  2. Sorry not the 6th...April 4th


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