Friday, May 6, 2011

open to change, a metaphor in painting

Sometimes you start painting and you have a crystal clear picture in your head of what you want the end result to look like.  But somewhere along the way, things change.  You start to see things in a different way.  You think of something else to add.  You tinker.  You pull out stamps.  You use different brushes, and then finally you say, 'screw it' and you use your hands.  And then things get really interesting.  You start to see movement where there was nothing before.  You turn off your brain and just go with where your hands take you.  You stop thinking and stop worrying and you just do. 

And then you know you want to do more, but there are too many ideas and you know yourself well enough to know that you need to let the excitement die down just a bit to see what still floats.  So you daydream and think grand ideas and get excited about all of the possibilities.  Then you worry a little - what if I mess it up?  Then you start to compare yourself and your ideas to others and know that you have to get those voices out of your head before you return to the work at hand.  Then, if you listen carefully, you'll hear this magical voice inside you whispering that the final piece will make your heart sing and one day, very soon, you'll go in the paint room and surprise yourself with what comes next.

That's what painting this canvas was like.  That's what starting this blog was like.  I started with one idea, but things change.  Not too much, mind you, but enough to add some excitement.  I'm almost ready to lay down the next layer onto the canvas and I simply can't wait to share what I'm cookin' up for this space.

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