Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fairy Love

On Sunday we went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.  I wasn't sure how the day was going to go since this was the first big festival for Em.  It started out a bit rocky, but after getting enough carbs in that little body to support her current growth spurt, she perked up and we managed to have a really fun day.  The best part?

Those fairies up there.

Now, I've mentioned our fondness of fairies before, but I really wish there was a way I could send these fairies a thank you note and basket full of love, because I totally would.  They made my little girl's day, even if we were a bit stalkerish about it.  We first met them under the tree.  Emily said hello and they were each very friendly and we asked to take a picture, which they accommodated. 
From there we went on our merry way, only to find that they were doing a show in one of the pavilions a few hours later.  We went in, and they brought her up to the front to meet the fairy queen who remembered her from earlier.  They gave her some fairy dust and returned her back to me.  That hand over mouth move she's got going on -- that's 'I'm really happy, but really shy' move.

We hung out in the show for awhile, but Em really wanted to get her face painted and then come back to see the fairies, so we snuck out and headed for the face painting tent, where she wound up with a unicorn on her arm.  As soon as the painting was done, she turned to me and said, "Mommy, I want to show the fairies my unicorn."  So being the supportive Mommy that I try to be, I said ok, and off we tromped to the other side of the park. 
We returned to the pavilion only to find that the show was over, but I caught a glimpse of the fairies walking around a corner.  We ran, and got about 30 feet away and I told Emily to run and catch them.  Let me pause here to say that ordinarily the overly protective mama bear in me would have never have let her go that far away from me, but there were only about 4-6 other people in the area at that time and I really wanted to see if she'd go up without me.  She took off and caught up to the fairies.  She held her arm out, and they all stopped, turned around and cooed over her unicorn, and her. I almost burst into tears because of how proud and happy she was.  She talked about them all the way home, before bed and throughout today.  

They are magic, those fairies.  They are.

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