Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mardi Gras Scrapbook 2011

I can't remember the last time I got a project done so fast.  It pretty much took 3 days if I add up the random hours and 2 work days I took to complete this.  I'm delighted with how this turned out.  Let's take a tour, shall we?
The front and back covers are topped with beads.  I'll write tomorrow on that process and my learnings from the experience.  I like the weight that the beads give to the piece - it makes the whole book feel sturdy and it's definitely something I want to experiment with more.
Above is the inside cover and first page.  I'm including a list of all of the materials I used at the end of this post but I really loved using a mix of papers that offered textures.  This inside cover has some glitter elements on it and it really gives a rich feeling to the book.  I also used a variety of different pages.  For some, I used 4x6" pocket pages.  For others, I used baseball card pages and on other pages, I just used paper + the picture without a protector.  I really enjoy the layered feeling that the variety gives to the whole project - it feels more like a collection rather than just a presentation.  I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I've always liked my scrapbooks to be touchable and interactive.  With all of my photos being digital these days, I also feel more freedom in playing with the pages and I don't have to worry about a picture being the only copy or something that we have to protect forever.
Here's an example of the protected photos and non-protected side by side.  The one thing that I was aware as I assembled the pages was layering them in a way so that unprotected photos wouldn't lay on other unprotected photos.  I did this to avoid photos sticking to each other, but also to avoid the embellishments or journaling from smudging or sticking.  Overall, I tried to keep the embellishments to a minimum and just wanted the story to be told through the photos.
I should mention that most pages measure roughly 6x8".  I say roughly because some are 7x8" like this one on the right.  I varied how the holes were punched - sometimes I allowed for the extra inch and then other times, I kept the width to 6" and punched right into the pictures like the image previous to the one above.  The scalloped edge shown here is a Martha Stewart punch.   In my next life, I wanna be Martha Stewart, or someone on her design team - her products are so great.  There's my non-paid endorsement.  :)
The color on this photo didn't come out true to the actual, but wanted to show another page variation.  On the left is a 4x6" single photo, and on the back of the photo, I slipped in a piece of card stock with some of the cuter beads we caught during our trip.  I just used mini glue dots to hold the beads to the page.  The glue dots also came in handy to tack photos inside the protectors. There are several places where I used them and either hid them behind an embellishment, or just left it visible (or should I say barely visible since they are transparent).
This is one of my favorite pages in the whole book.  Emily is developing such a great relationship and bond with her two grandmas and one grandpa.  Each relationship is so different, but I think page does a good job at capturing Mawmaw - she's not a woman who uses a lot of words to express how she feels.  She SHOWS you through her actions.  The journaling reads:
juice getter. belly tickler. story teller. snack maker. boo-boo healer. magic maker. silly dancer. mardi gras cuddler. awesome.
I didn't do a huge amount of journaling in this book, but where I did, it was a mix of my handwriting, rub-ons and a few die-cut alphabets.  I also referenced social media to help tell the story.
Here I just went to Facebook and took screenshots of our statuses (with comments).  I printed them out on white cardstock and just played around with some stamps to give the page some color.  The "Facebook" is rub-ons, but the rest is my writing.
Here's another example of the baseball card sleeves.  I used them both horizontally and vertically.  Where vertical, I just cut the page down to size and punched holes accordingly.  I thought about sewing all of the baseball pages shut, but wasn't entirely thrilled with the look, so instead I used glue dots.  See that flower in the middle of the page?  There are glue dots hiding in each of the 4 corners underneath.
Before the gulfport parade, we had a little time to kill so we wound up hanging out on the beach for a few minutes.  Emily made the most of her time, by chasing birds, digging in the sand and generally just having a grand time exploring.  I love experiences like this, where we can interact together and then I can pull back and just watch her.  Here's the journaling from this page:
May you always face the world with the wind at your back and your head held high.
And here's a peek at the last two pages:
It's a bit hard to see, but the 3 photos are on their own page, in a single column of baseball holders.  The middle slot holds our hotel key and the rest of the pictures (including the back) hold stories about our hotel.  The very last page of the book shows all of our loot spilled out at home.  It's a tradition to dump everything out on the floor and sort through it to see what we can find.  Considering we didn't have the big kid with us this year, it was still a pretty good haul and I can't wait to go again next year! And with that, here's the materials list:


Die-cuts Quickutz Aquarius and 2x2" dies that I can't remember the name
Inks: Colorbox cat's eyes pigment Rub-ons:  Making Memories Simply Stated Heidi and Rummage  (large and small)
Pens:  Pigma Micron and Marvy LePlume
Adhesive:  Scrapbook Adhesives refillable My Stick, permanent and mini glue dots and pop-dots
Page Protectors:  We R Memory Keepers (4x6" sleeves and mixed pocket pages) and Ultra Pro 9-pocket pages

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