Monday, April 11, 2011

Polymer clay piggy and octopus

My little Octopus. Made from polymer clay.
When I was a kid, my mom was into miniatures.  She made little tiny things for dollhouses and it seemed like she had a little community of other women who she created these little mini works of art with.  I remember her coming home from a night/day (who really knows, I'm relying on my child self's memory) of making little things and she show them to me.  They were amazing.  There would be little wreaths, trays of food, fruits and vegetables - bundt cakes with teeny, tiny cherries on top all resting on a tiny little doily that looked like it was laser cut from tiny little fairy hands.  I couldn't touch most of this, but she kept her favorite pieces in the living room curio cabinet and I would often visit the cabinet to stare at the little pieces.  My sister got a dollhouse and I believe my mom made some pieces for her house.  My sister recently reminded me of the dollhouse, and inside I felt those secret pangs of jealousy that I had when I was a kid.  I never got a dollhouse.  But to be fair, I don't think I ever asked for one, so there's that.
Anyway - my mom made really cool small things and I think I inherited the love of small things gene.  When I paint, I will often get lost in tiny little details that seem to only be noticeable to me.  When I scrapbook and use die cuts, I love working with the ridiculously tiny alphabets.  When I play with polymer or other clay, I love making small little things.  I haven't played with polymer in awhile, but I'm getting the itch to do so soon.  The pictures here are some of the last things that I did.  The octopus measures 3" wide.  The pig is right at an inch.  I love both of these pieces so much. 
I also had an awesome shoe that was an ode to "The Old Woman who lived in the shoe" - it had windows on both sides and a door and laces.  That was my favorite piece, but it didn't survive the move to/from NYC/ATL which makes me sad.  I think it's time for Em to learn about polymer.  I think she'd have fun making little things and showing them off.  If I'm lucky she'll have great memories of her mom's creative pursuits too!

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