Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pirate ship....for girls

We are into pirates around our house.  A few years ago Heather threw me a surprise birthday party, and the theme was pirates.  I got a cool cake out of the deal.  Last year, Emily was a bit obsessed with a Dora episode that featured pirate pigs, which in turn inspired her pirate Halloween costume.  We make up stories and pretend to be in hot air balloons or pirate ships or other vessels that carry us off to exciting lands where we meet exciting characters.  We say "RRRRrrrr" around our house for no particular reason.  We dig pirates.

So a few days ago, a friend emailed me with an idea.  She wants my help with a potentially cool project and it's been noodling itself around my brain for a few days trying to find a place to get comfy in order to come to life.  Sunday morning, I woke up with an idea for a pirate ship, but not any pirate ship - one that is for girls.  I think girl pirates could have the grandest of adventures and I started to think about all of the little details that went into a ship, and quickly sketched out this:

I took the picture at night, which is why there's shadows, but this was the best shot of the colors.  There are a couple of things in this I would change, but overall, I'm really pleased with how this turned out.  I'm thinking of making a cut paper illustration of this or perhaps even making it 3-dimensional with sculpey, but I can't decide.  Which one should I do?


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