Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Baby Shower - Invitations

Our friends Laura and Shannon are expecting a baby in April.  We have been so excited for them ever since they shared the news that they were going to try to start a family last June.  Once we found out that they had 'become with child', I almost immediately offered to host a baby shower. I had so many fun ideas for this shower, but the fact that L&S have called their baby in utero, Sprout, the idea of doing something related to a garden or growth seemed pretty natural.

So I started with the invites.  These were so much fun.  Here's the design I came up with:
I came up with the prototype pretty quickly and took a picture, texted L&S and got an almost immediate, 'yes!'

The fun part came with making all of the invites.  L&S wanted to invite 40+ people and by the time we got around to deciding the date of the shower, it gave us only 3 weeks to plan so I knew that I wasn't going to be able to make all of the invites on my own.  So we decided to have an invitation making party.  Laura, Shannon and the other shower co-hosts, Joey and Heather came over, and together we formed a round-about assembly line to make the invites.  Here's what the back of the invites wound up looking like thanks to Joey (some info blurred out for privacy):
And here's a few shots of our invitation making evening:
me taking a break and enjoying it all.
joey showing off her mad invite making skills.

our collective efforts.  I love that all of them are unique.


  1. Those invitations are beautiful! You are so creative.

  2. They look wonderful! I love seeing what you've created. :)

  3. Thanks, Stacey! When are you guys heading to Disney? We are going in June for my bday and Emily's. Want to hear about what Riley loved the most!


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