Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dried up.

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to your art supplies:

Yup.  Your water dries up and your brushes are ruined.  Sorta how I feel about my blogging attempts have been lately.  A little crusty.

The good news is that I've been very busy, but what I am struggling with is finding time to write about all that I am doing.  It's not that I don't want to write, because I totally do, but it takes time and time is what I haven't had enough of lately.  But I can't go back, so all I can do is try to do something interesting with what I have to work with:

It's like a paintbrush tee-pee!


  1. Awww.

    If it makes you feel any better, my kids have totally ruined and lost most of my paint brushes.

    You're inspiring me to have a work area where I can be crafty. I really think I need it.

  2. Ohhhh - I wish I could blame Emily on this, but this was all me. The pathetic part is that the cup sat right next to me for 2 months and I didn't look inside. Oh well - if nothing else, it's a good excuse to buy more paint brushes!


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