Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreaming of Turquoise Doors

We bought our house back in 2004.  The first few years, we tried to make the yard cute - we planted stuff, we weeded, we mowed.  We put new grass in the front yard.  And then like with a lot of other things - it all went to hell when we moved to NYC.  We moved back to Atlanta in 2009, but haven't had the energy or the funding to do much with the yard, until now.

This year is the year of the back yard.  I talked about this a bit the other day, but thought it'd be fun to elaborWe have big plans, and while not all of the plans will come to fruition in 2011, it's still fun to think about.  First up, we are tearing out the plot of driveway that is in our backyard.  We are also tearing out the deteriorating retaining wall and putting in a new wall and lots of new plants.  The driveway will be replaced with a play area for Em.  Our backdoor leads out to a patio, and we want to build a pergola over the patio.  One of the other things I want to do is paint the back door. My color of choice? Turquoise.

I first fell in love with turquoise doors when Heather and I visited New Mexico back in 2003.  We visited Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos and every turquoise door I saw sent me squealing with delight.  It doesn't take much.

I also love New Orleans, which is filled with color.  You see lots and lots of shutters and trim in turquoise and I love it all - what's even better is if it's on a corner door.  I LOVE corner doors!

So this year, is going to be the year of my own turquoise door.  Our back door needs a lot of love, thanks to our dog who takes to scratching at the door to tell us that she wants to come in. But by the end of the summer we will have a turquoise door!
It won't be surrounded in all of this beautiful, lush greenery, but it will be painted and hopefully open the way for lots of new backyard adventures!

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