Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sketchbook Project - my pages, part 2 (aka Goddess Inspiration)

I've talked quite a bit about the different art projects that I've taken on over the past few months, but I haven't done much talking about a group I've been involved with since the fall - Goddess Circle.

Goddess Circle is the divine invention of Goddess Leonie of  If you spend even 2 minutes on her site, you will understand what Leonie is all about - being your best self, being inspired, being open to what the world brings and sharing and celebrating life.  She's like a Australian, hippy, blonde, mermaid Oprah.  I think she's great.

Last fall she started a private community for like-minded women to join and connect to each other which is called Goddessguidebookcircle.  I joined right away.  It's been an amazing experience so far - I've been able to 'meet' and connect with women all over the world and we've been able to share our stories, ask questions and give and receive support when needed.  I've really never been apart of anything like it.  The group has inspired me in a number of ways, including creatively.

As I was approaching the last few pages of my sketchbook, I was running out of ideas, so I decided to turn to my Goddess sisters.  I posted a blog entry inside the community and talked a bit about the project, my theme (happy thoughts) and opened it up to the community to give me some ideas.  I got a few that I worked with, and at the end of the day, they are some of my favorite pages in the book.

First up, is the inspiration from Sylvie.  Her happy thought was that Jerry Lee Lewis was still playing rock and roll at the age of 76.  I have to admit - this one threw me for a few days.  I liked the initial idea of it.  I know who Jerry Lee Lewis is, and I know some of his music but I couldn't figure out how to draw/sketch/create anything around this idea.  I sat with it for probably 4 days and then one Sunday morning, I got out of bed, went to the paint room and in about 90 minutes produced this:
The text on the left reads:  Jerry Lee Lewis is still ridin' his bliss and playing music at the age of 76.  Keep flying, Jerry Lee.  Keep Flying.

The text on the right page reads (clockwise starting from the title):  The Bliss Mobile
- Ruby red finish so people will see you coming
- Custom rims for a bit of sass.
- Brakelights used for potty breaks or low flying geese
- Big trunk for memorbilia or paperwork or for a secret stash of m&m's.
- Big ass wings to carry you on all of your amazing adventures.

Next idea came from Rose:
I had wanted the window on this page to open, but the paper in the book was so thin, that it couldn't support the opening action (I wanted the window to slide up and down), so I gave up and instead just made the sky dimensional by using micro beads.

The final idea came from Sally:

As soon as I read her idea, the image came to me.  I actually sketched the idea in the book (it's underneath the text on the right) and then did the paper piecing on the left.  The text reads, "For Sally who also mentioned snuggling with her husband, but I'll leave that between them."  Her happy thoughts were a good cup of tea, furry cat bellies and fresh green paint.

Thanks, ladies, for the inspiration.  <3


  1. Holy Wow, Missy! You are one talented woman to take that inspiration and turn it in to BEAUTIFUL ART!

    Your description of being in the Circle is spot on as well.

    Love, Loran

  2. Hi Loran,

    Thanks for the note and especially for stopping by! That makes my day! xo, Missy


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